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Pipe Taps and Dies

When you can't find the nut or bolt you need, pipe taps and hexagon dies are the perfect tools for you.

Emedco has all the pipe taps and dies you need to get the job done. Getting new nuts or bolts aren't always the solution to stripped holes and screws that won't hold. A pipe tap and hexagon die set usually makes things easier, faster and a lot cheaper. Consider how much you can save if you won't have to buy replacement nuts and bolts whenever some screws get damaged. With the right pipe taps and hexagon dies, you can repair any failing screw right then and there.

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Tackle any pipe-threading work with Emedco's taper pipe taps and dies!

Most industrial facilities depend largely on machinery and equipment to maintain their day-to-day operations. One machine malfunction can halt the entire production line, and sometimes, malfunctions are caused by loose screws or dull-toothed nuts and bolts. You can easily take care of these dilemmas by getting new ones. However, acquiring new nuts or bolts isn't always a piece of cake, and replacement parts can be costly since nuts and bolts aren't sold by piece. The best and most practical solution then is to thread the ones you already have. This is when taps and dies become a godsend.

Pipe taps and dies are essential in pipe threading. These tools let you do re-threading jobs on the spot, saving valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on getting new replacement parts. Having a dependable pipe and tap set in your facility also ensures you get exactly the size of the nut or bolt you need.

Emedco has all the pipe-threading equipment you need for industrial-sized pipe-threading applications!

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