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Knives are the most useful cutting tools to use both in the workplace and at home. Make sure you have one handy at all times for when you need to open a box, cut strapping materials, tear off bubble or shrink wraps, or everything in between. Our knives are available in a variety of materials, grips and styles. Some models also come with colored handles for enhanced visibility and additional safety. No matter your needs, Emedco has the perfect solution for you and your facility.

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Knives are incredibly useful in a variety of situations. Always have a trusty utility knife in your tool belt and a versatile pocket knife for repair and maintenance work. Emedco carries sharp and precision-designed blades from the finest names in hand tools. Emedco brings only quality tools from the most trusted brands. As useful as knives are, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind when using them on the job: 1. Stay focused. Remind your workers to keep their body parts away from the knife's path. Ideally, they should stay at an arm's length away from the blade to avoid injury. 2. Choose a knife based on its purpose. For general work such as cutting boxes, you can use a utility knife. For added safety, pick a Stanley knife because it comes with a retractable blade. If you want a versatile tool for opening envelopes or peeling fruits, go for the pocket knife. 3. Regularly inspect and sharpen knives. Make sure your knives are in good condition before using them. Check for any sign of damage such as cracks or broken handles. Dull blades cause additional strain to the cutting motion, which can contribute to fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders over time. Finally, ensure that the blade is securely connected to the handle.

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