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Hex Key Sets

Be prepared for any repair or maintenance work! Trust Emedco to provide you with hex key sets to complete your toolbox.

Any repair man would know how important hex keys are. Also known as Allen wrenches, hex keys are used to drive screws and bolts with hexagonal heads. Since screws come in various sizes, hex keys are also manufactured in different sizes and are often sold in sets. Foldable hex key sets are quite helpful particularly when dealing with machines or equipment with hexagonal screws of varying sizes.

Deal with hex screws and bolts the easy way. Equip yourself now with any of Emedco's Allen wrench key sets and be ready to get any repair work done in no time.

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Hex key sets are ideal for bolting and driving screw heads into hard surfaces. Make sure that you have your own hex wrenches in your toolbox for any sudden patch-up job.

At Emedco, we offer a variety of hex key sets for all your needs. Commonly referred to as Allen wrench key sets after the name of the company known for manufacturing these tools, hex keys are ideal in dealing with bolts or screws with hexagonal heads. They are also handy when it comes to hard-to-reach surfaces and tight spaces. Because hex keys come in different sizes and most jobs involve more than one size of hexagonal bolt, hex wrenches are often sold in sets.

Emedco carries a wide variety of hex key sets that are perfect for bolting and driving any type of screw heads. These hex keys are an important part of your toolbox and are often the preferred tool of mechanics, engineers, electricians, handymen and construction workers. You can also browse through our full offering of hex, torx and spline keys. Also, our team strives to give you only the best - all our hex key sets are from brand names you know and trust, such as Proto®, Elkind® Tool, and Bondhus®.

All the tools you need for a job well done is here at Emedco.

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