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Electrical and Industrial Lighting Products

Do not leave your personnel in the dark! Maintain a well-lit facility with Emedco's industrial lighting products.

Accidents are more likely to happen in facilities with poor lighting, especially in warehouses, mines, construction sites, and other heavy-duty work zones. Poor visibility might result in injuries or worse, fatalities. How can your workers avoid hazards when they cannot see them in the first place? Moreover, working in a dim office doesn't end up being productive. If anything, a dimly-lit office is a perfect setting for dozing off. You wouldn't want your employees getting some Zs during work hours, would you?

Emedco's electrical and lighting products include batteries, electrical power cords, ground fault circuit Interrupters, industrial LED flashlights, plugs, and receptacles. Our complete selection of industrial lighting products has all you need for a hassle-free project and bright workplace.

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A poorly-lit workplace is a magnet to accidents. Choose from Emedco's extensive range of industrial lighting products, and don't let your employees be part of injury statistics!

Slips, trips and falls are often due to seemingly safe objects, such as a cable across a path, a scattered pen, or an unobvious step. The reason such simple things can cause injuries is that the person is oblivious to his surroundings, or he simply didn't see them. Poor visibility has been cited numerous times as the reason behind most workplace accidents. Sure, safety signs and labels are there to alert workers of hazards, but what good are they if they aren't visible? Good lighting should be part of any facility's safety and maintenance programs, particularly those that mostly operate at night.

Emedco carries a wide variety of industrial lighting products for all your needs. For emergency lighting solutions, take a pick from our industrial flashlights and heavy-duty lanterns. Make sure to have lots of spare batteries, as they might prove handy during extended power outages. For mine and construction sites, we also have everything you need for a temporary electrical setup, such as extension and power cords and their parts, power strips, and cord reels.

At Emedco, you can find any electrical or lighting tool you may ever need. Regardless of the job's demands, Emedco's got the right industrial lighting products for you.

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