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Silicone Lubricants

Are your industrial tasks usually accompanied by a squeaking sound? Stop the sticking and binding of your machine's parts with Emedco's silicone lubricants!

A silicone lubricant makes machine parts slick, easing the way of each lock, nut, bolt, hinge, rail and whatnot. It protects surfaces from friction, dirt, wear and tear, and other contaminants. And because of its ability to resist water, a silicone lubricant keeps surfaces waterproof -- that's added protection against rusting!

You take pride in getting your hard work done, and we take pride in making your job right and easy.

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With a lot of_silicone lubricants out there in the market, it is difficult to determine which silicone spray lubricant stands out from the crowd. At the very least, a tough silicone lubricant should have the following characteristics aside from excellent lubricity:

* It should provide long-lasting protection against oxidation - If your silicone lubricant can guard your machinery for only a short period of time, then that means you have to shell out more money to replace your silicone based lubricant-- or worse, your useless rusting device.
* It should be safe to use on metal, plactic, rubber and wood - If your silicone spray lubricant will just damage or stain your material, then it is pointless to use it.
* It should withstand immense pressure and temperature - This makes the silicone based lubricant perfect for industrial environments.

Emedco offers a huge array of silicone lubes for your industrial needs. Select from Loctite Silicone Lubricant, CRC Extreme Duty Silicone Lubricant, Sprayon Silicone Lube, and a whole lot more. Are you in need of a food-grade silicone lube? We've got that, too!

Order your silicone lubricants today to enjoy our budget-friendly prices and quick shipping. Trust Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security, to meet your lubricating needs.

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