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Packaging Tapes

Moving cannot be completed without packing, and packing cannot be completed without packaging tapes. Whether you have to move a few items or relocate your office, a packaging tape is a necessity. Packaging tapes can seal all types of carton boxes to make your move as streamlined as possible. Regardless of the box size, a packaging tape will always be handy. Emedco offers several types of carton-sealing packaging tapes to meet your packing needs. Our tapes are tear-resistant and made from the best adhesives in the market. Trust Emedco to give you only the best when it comes to adhesive products.

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Packing and moving fragile and heavy objects can be a burden, but an industrial packaging tape minimizes the burden of packing._If you lift boxes that are not properly sealed, the contents might fall -- or worse -- break. Avoid that hassle by securing your boxes with a packing tape. Choose the clear packaging tape you need from Emedco's vast selection: * 3M Industrial - Scotch® Industrial Box Sealing Tapes 371 - These pressure-sensitive, moisture-proof packing tapes seal single-wall, corrugated cartons.* Tesa® Tapes - Carton Sealing Tapes - This top-quality brand resists impact and features performance-grade bi-axial orientation.* 3M Industrial - Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes 311 - Need an instant seal? Cold, damp conditions cannot outsmart these propylene-backed acrylic tapes, which are also good for recycled fiberboard.*3M Industrial - Scotch® High Performance Box Sealing Tapes 373 - Did somebody say tough and split-resistant? Because these durable industrial packaging tapes stick well under tough conditions, they are perfect for medium- to heavy-weight boxes. All of our packaging tapes resist harsh weather conditions, as well as extreme pressure. And with their durable backing, wear and tear is definitely out of the question. Trust Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security, to address your industrial needs.

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