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The class of adhesives known as threadlockers or thread-locking adhesive should be familiar to anyone working in construction, carpentry, or manufacturing. Threadlockers are used to help secure screws, bolts and other threaded fasteners to their materials. Simply apply a threadlocker to a fastened screw and strengthen the hold to nearly unbreakable levels!

Make sure that your bonds and screws don't come apart or shear by using Emedco's wide selection of threadlockers. As the industry leader, we carry the most useful brands and types for your needs -- whether for medium, heavy or light duty. Trust Emedco to stick with you when you need to keep your screws and bolts strong.

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Without screws, bolts or other fasteners, our modern world would literally fly to pieces around us. That's why it's important to use threadlockers to keep it all together. The specialized adhesives found in threadlocking solutions are specially designed to strengthen the bonds made between a screw or threaded bolt and its surroundings. A threadlocked fastener will have a stronger hold on its material, and far better resist the wears and tears associated with regular use.

This is especially critical when securing heavy machinery or heavy-duty construction and carpentry work. Threadlocking is also important in making fasteners resistant to shear stress. Shear stress is deadly to screws and bolts and can ruin a broken fastener beyond repair.

Use Emedco's wide selection of the most effective threadlockers to shear-proof your critical parts. We carry the most popular Loctite threadlocker varieties to help you select the right solution to suit your needs, materials or fasteners.

For lighter work, try using Loctite 222MS™ Threadlocker, which is suited for small screws and components below 1/4 dia.

Craftsmen working with coarse threads or wide gaps will want to employ the special Tight Multi-Purpose Anaerobic Gel, which effectively seals against most liquids and gases.

Having properly locked and secured fasteners is critical to keep your hard work from coming apart at the joins. Use threadlockers from Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security solutions.

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