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Sealing Products

Be it at home or at the workplace, sealing products can cover tough holes! Choose from a large selection of sealing products from Emedco and be ready for any emergency patching up.

When something breaks, replacement is not always the answer. You don't have to replace any equipment right away if the damage can be repaired. Besides, replacements can bore a hole in your wallet within minutes. You wouldn't want that, would you? If it's just a simple crack, a lose part, or a half-dangling handle, there's a sealing product that can handle it well enough. So, make sure that you have some sealing products within reach for unexpected maintenance and repair scenarios.

We have high-temperature adhesives, thread sealants, and a lot more. Actually, Emedco has just about any type of sealant there is.

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When you're patching something up on the spot, you better have the right sealants handy - and lucky you, all the right sealants are here at Emedco.com.

Sealing products are good only when they do what they're supposed to do. With so many sealants, threadlockers, and retaining compounds available in the market nowadays, choosing the reliable ones can be quite a dilemma. Which brand? What type? Is that really going to work?

To help you out, the first thing to consider is the material you're dealing with. Some sealing products are good when applied on metals, and some on aluminum. So here's a tip: choose sealing products that work on both.

Emedco's selection of quality sealants includes products that can handle a variety of applications. And mind you, these sealants hail from topnotch brands, such as Loctite, Markal®, and Rectorseal. Here, you'll find gasket sealants that use paste-like modified-resin sealing compounds, thread sealants with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and flange sealants that effectively resist motor oil. We also have Red Devil adhesives with triple expanding foam, ideal for central heating pipes, floorboards, tubes, cables, plumbing spaces, ceilings, and even concrete or cinder block walls. If you need thread tape sealants, Emedco has specialized sealants that do not shred like other regular tape sealants.

Leave it to Emedco to provide you with quality products that won't let you down.

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