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Non Woven Abrasives

Do you want to produce an excellent finish on woodwork, metals, and hard-to-grind materials? Check out Emedco's wide selection of non-woven abrasives now!

Final surface finishing is critical to the appearance and performance of your workpiece. If that's your worry, a non woven abrasive is the solution. This type of abrasive is manufactured using a web of nylon fibers bonded together with synthetic resins. The fibers come with abrasive grains that produce a 3-dimensional, cushioned material that is not only long-lasting but is also pliable and conforms to the workpiece.

Here at Emedco, we offer a quality selection of non woven pad, wheel or disc abrasives at competitive prices, letting you choose the best non-woven abrasive for all your finishing needs.

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Not all finishing jobs are the same. Workpieces made from different types of materials will have different finishing requirements. We at Emedco carry a wide variety of non-woven abrasive designs to meet the different metal and woodwork finishing demands. These designs include hand pads, discs, wheels and more!

Hand Pads Abrasives - Use hand pads if you want excellent hand finishing on your workpiece. Hand pads are available in a variety of grit sizes making them ideal for general cleaning or light scuffing and blending even in wet applications.

Disc Abrasives - Non woven disc abrasives come in a variety of designs for different finishing and cleaning applications. Emedco offers a quality selection of disc abrasives such as 3M Abrasive - Scotch-Brite™ Bristle Discs and 3M Abrasive - Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Discs.
Wheel abrasives - Use non-woven wheel abrasives such as the 3M Abrasive - Scotch-Brite™ EXL Unitized Deburring Wheels for general cleaning and deburring.

Whatever non-woven abrasive design you’re looking for, Emedco’s got you covered! We offer a trusted selection of non-woven abrasive products from top brands such as 3M and Franklin. Visit our Non Woven Abrasives page today and enjoy affordable, quality made abrasive to ensure smooth and impressive finishing on your workpiece.

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