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Bathroom Cleaners and Clog Removers

Bathroom cleaners keep your restrooms free of bacteria. Our selection of bathroom cleaners, like Simple Green, help you remove soap scum and scale, as well as remove dirt and grime from bathroom surfaces. Use clog removers, like Drano and Liquid Plumber, to dissolve pipe and drain buildup fast and get your bathroom back to working order.

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Always keep bathrooms and comfort rooms clean with Emedco's line of Bathroom Cleaners and Clog Removers. These products are available in 32-ounce, 80-ounce and 1-gallon bottles or you can choose our value packs so you always have these cleaning agents in stock.

After making your restrooms clean, add a little fragrance to it using air fresheners, metered fragrance dispenser kits and potpourri that you can also get at Emedco.

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