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DuraDestruct RFID Security Tags - Glass

Combines durability with tamper-proof technology for glass applications
  • These RFID tags have specialized construction for glass applications.
  • With two levels of destructibility, these tags eliminate transferability and the chance of tags and assets being tampered with.
  • If someone attempts to remove the tag, the RFID antenna construction breaks into separate pieces making the read range of the tag mere inches.
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DuraDestruct RFID Security Tags - Glass


  • If a person tries to reassemble the tag to make it functional, the portion that is still adhered to will literally disintegrate if an attempt is made to remove it from the object.
  • Great for application on windows, cars, and windshields where tag removal and reapplication could be an issue.
  • Tags are also completely customizable - easily design your tags by selecting your desired background and text color with your choice of wording, numbering, and barcode type.
  • Designed with proven durability, ready to withstand repeated usage in rugged environments, generating a greater ROI for your business.
  • Use these custom tags with the asset tracking software and RFID reader of your choice. We currently stock the Zebra RFD8500 RFID Reader, the TSL 1128 RFID Scanner, and more.


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