12 Oz Shaker Aqueous Spill Polymer - .75 Lb – Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

12 Oz Shaker Aqueous Spill Polymer - .75 Lb

12 Oz Shaker Aqueous Spill Polymer - .75 Lb

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Handy to solidify fuel or human spills.

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Product Features

  • Fuel Solidifiers used for serious fuel cleanup and solidification spills on land and especially in water.
  • Permanently solidifies fuel, acting like a dike to encapsulate and rubberize liquids.
  • Made from 100% pure polymer unlike many other brands that add a plastic filler to the product making the amount you need almost double.
  • Easily cleans up fuel or oil-based solvent spills.
  • Aqueous Spill Polymers absorb 300 times its weight.
  • Solidifies water based fluids, body fluids, such as urine and vomit and chemical spills that release vapors.
  • Material gels in less than a minute, for easy cleanup, transport & disposal.
  • Aqueous Spill Polymer 12 oz. Shaker.



Absorbency Factor
300 x product weight
Brand Name
Container Type
Container Size
12 oz
Aqueous Spill Polymer
Item Type
Absorbent Kit