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Blood Spill Clean Up Kit

Blood Spill Clean Up Kit

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Kit is used for safe containment and clean-up of blood splatters and spills. Kit also decontaminates exposed hard surfaces.

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Product Features

  • Blood spill clean up kit is an all-in-one kit that provides everything you need for quick action when responding to a mishap.
  • Kit includes: 1 pair of protective latex gloves, 1 large super-absorbent disposable towel, 1 pre-moistened germicidal decontamination cloth, 1 packet of chlorinated granular fluid absorber, 1 plastic scoop, 1 pre-moistened antimicrobial disinfectant hand wipe, 1 large red biohazardous waste disposal bag.



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Scoop and Scraper
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Blood Spill Clean-Up Kit
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