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IRONguard™ Lift Truck Equipment Log

IRONguard™ Lift Truck Equipment Log

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Ensure operators have a complete daily forklift equipment checklist available.

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Product Features

  • Lift truck checklist offers a convenient way for operators to complete pre-operational forklift inspections.
  • Ironguard equipment log offers a comprehensive way to record 634 days or two years' worth of forklift mechanical condition history in one complete kit.
  • Use Forklifts Repair Request Form to alert management of lift truck mechanical failure.
  • Lift truck log meets OSHA requirements for forklifts inspections before start of shift.
  • Identify trucks that failed inspection with lock-out tags.
  • Equipment log kit comes in a bright yellow durable hard plastic case.
  • Forklift log can be mounted anywhere on forklifts using double sided tape.
  • Each lift truck log includes:
    • 624 Daily Check Lists
    • 24 Repair Request Forms
    • 4 Accident Report Forms
    • 4 Near-miss Report Forms
    • Lock-out Tag
    • 36 PM tracking History
    • Poly-plastic case
    • Pen
    • Lock-out tag-out tag with pull strap



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2-3 Days
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Ideal Warehouse Innovation Inc.
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Electric Counterbalance Truck - Full New Log
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