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DOT Hazardous Materials Security Manual

DOT Hazardous Materials Security Manual

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Security awareness training materials supports workplace education and safety.

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Product Features

  • DOT safety manual helps inform workers of the hazards in transporting hazardous materials.
  • Helps improve understanding of HAZMAT security plans.
  • Helps establishments develop security plans, as well as providing in-depth security training and awareness.
  • Allows easy compliance with the Department of Transportation's security requirements.
  • DOT compliance training manual includes topics such as:
    • The need for HAZMAT security training.
    • Security plans, internal vulnerabilities, targeted materials, and general facility security.
    • Preparation in and shipping hazardous materials.
    • Tips in avoiding hijacking as well as responding to security breaches.
    • Unloading hazardous material shipments, etc.



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