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Hot Water Return - Pipe Stencils

Hot Water Return - Pipe Stencils

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Mark your pipes with spray paint and get professional result with reusable stencils.

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Product Features

  • Stencils Spec Sheet available.
  • Standard pipe stencils are made from high quality rigid oilboard material which can be reused again to mark pipes.
  • Simply attach stencil to pipe and spray with marking paint to get your pipes recognized.
  • Reusable markers are available in various character heights.
    • For pipes with a diameter of 2" or less, choose 1/2" character stencils.
    • For pipes with 2-1/2" to 6" diameter, choose stencils with 1" character height.
    • Use stencils with 1-3/4" character height for larger pipes.

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