Relief Vent - Opti-Code Ammonia Pipe Markers

Relief Vent - Opti-Code™ Ammonia Pipe Markers

Relief Vent - Opti-Code™ Ammonia Pipe Markers

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Make your pipes easily recognized with IIAR-compliant Opti-Code pipe markers.

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Product Features

  • Comply with the IIAR Ammonia Pipe Marker Standards for ammonia refrigeration and piping identification.
  • View ANSI/ASME A13.1 Pipe Marking Guidelines to determine the pipe identification standards for pipe contents, size, color and identification device placement.
  • Opti-Code™ Ammonia Pipe Markers provide an easy and hassle-free way of identifying and maintaining your system, and can help avoid accidents.
  • Reference IIAR-approved abbreviation list for system piping identification.
  • Available in various sizes to mark pipes with 3/4" to over 10" diameters to help meet your needs.
  • Featuring color bands on each side to show pressure level and the physical state of the system.
  • Manufactured from durable pressure-sensitive vinyl material.
  • Also ideal for use with directional flow arrows or Arrows-On-A-Roll™ Tape which is sold separately.

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