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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Emedco’s top-of-the-line mats provide excellent anti-fatigue properties providing safety and comfort for your workers. Our mats boasts durability that’s guaranteed to last 3 times longer than traditional 100% PVC foam mats.

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Product Features

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The anti-fatigue mats that meets all your workplace’s matting needs

Highly versatile anti-fatigue mats are perfect in literally everywhere you would need matting. From wet indoor kitchens, outdoor garages, and/or dry offices and facilities, there are mats to fit any wet or dry work environment.

Its unique closed-cell, Nitrile construction guarantees strong resistance to chemicals, grease, and oil.

Don’t get restricted with limitations in utility, choose Emedco’s Anti-fatigue mats!

The anti-fatigue mats that ensures versatility for different environments

Eliminate the need of constantly having to clean and drain your mats, especially when placed in wet environments.

Our Cushion Max™ and Cushion Station HD™ anti-fatigue mats are popular choices for Chef’s who’d like to keep their kitchens clean.

Need anti-fatigue mats for garages and outdoor uses? Our Comfort Flow™ and Comfort Flow HD™ anti-fatigue mats are perfect for you!

These anti-fatigue matting features drainage holes for flow-through areas, thus preventing water accumulation.

Prevent Slips and falls with Cushion Max™! This durable anti-fatigue mat comes with a diamond pattern surface, these mats offer an optimal way to reduce slip risks at work.

Need anti-fatigue matting for your office stations? Look no further, our Comfort Scrape HD™ modular tile mats are made just for your office needs! Keep your workers comfortable with Comfort Scrape HD™!

The anti-fatigue mats that has your workplace covered

Emedco’s anti-fatigue mats come in a wide range of sizes and thickness options.

Choose from one-piece construction mats that range in size from 2 ½ ft. x 3 ? ft up to 4 ft. x 6 ft.

Or go with our full line of modular and linking mats that truly allow for a customizable workspace to fit any shape or size.

Ensure maximum comfort with thickness ranging from ¾" up to ¾"!

With Emedco Anti-fatigue mats, we’ll have your workplace covered with safety and comfort!

For all your matting needs, choose Emedco -where durability and utility is equally important. Click here to browse for more products!