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MSDS Cabinets

MSDS Cabinets

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MSDS cabinets store and protect information from dirt, chemicals and moisture.

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Product Features

  • Cabinets hang securely on the wall and open to create a handy desktop and reading surface for MSDS.
  • Durable, all-welded steel withstands indoor or outdoor conditions.
  • SDS binders are attached to cabinet by a 36" chain.
  • 20 clear, plastic sheet protectors keep SDS safe from wear and tear.
  • Inside shelf contains all explanations of OSHA's hazard communication standard, as well as a chart.
  • A reference guide is featured as the first page of each binder to inform employees how to read MSDS.
  • Bilingual cabinets are supplied with both English and Spanish components.
  • Use unfilled cabinets when you already have SDS binders but need a storage location.
  • Cabinets measure 22-1/2"h x 26-1/2"w x 5"d.
  • Choose from cabinets with:
  • Two 2" SDS binders that hold up to 400 pages each, for a total capacity of 800 pages.
  • Two 3" SDS binders that hold up to 600 pages each, for a total capacity of 1200 pages.