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Stop - Parking Lot Sign Kit

Stop - Parking Lot Sign Kit

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Need a stop sign? Need something to mount it with? Everything you need to post your sign is right here in these convenient kits!

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Product Features

  • Each kit is equipped with a 24"h x 24"w engineer-grade reflective aluminum stop sign
  • The 6, 8 or 10 ft. galvanized steel posts feature a permanent silver finish to prevent chips, abrasions and rust.
  • Mounting hardware is includes in the kit
  • When mounting the sign be sure the top of the sign is mounted flush with the top of the post and allow a 1" gap between any supplemental signs. Supplemental signs should be no less than 4ft from the road surface. Be sure the the sign is no less than 6ft to from the edge of the pavement. The bottom of the sign post should be no more than 7ft from the road surface in urban areas and 5ft in rural areas.
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