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3M Abrasive - Roloc™ Discs 777F

3M Abrasive - Roloc™ Discs 777F

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Abrasives offering secure lock.

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Product Features

  • Regalite™ Polycut™ Roloc™ Roll-On Coated-Cloth Disc is designed on a YF weight, water resistant polyester cloth backing.
  • Coated abrasive locks securely in place with half a twist, another half twist to unlock.
  • Grinding aid for cooler grinding.
  • Can be ran whether wet or dry.
  • Resin bond abrasives.
  • Abrasive material: ceramic alumina/regular alumina mix.
  • With roll on mounting.
  • Ideal for grinding, deburring, blending, finishing, removing tool marks and die polishing applications.

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