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Never-Seez - Regular Grade Compounds

Never-Seez - Regular Grade Compounds

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Economical and fast working regular grade compounds.

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Product Features

  • Never-Seez - Regular Grade Compounds.
  • Economical and effective anti-seize compounds for protecting various metal parts.
  • Lubricants & penetrants shield parts from rust, carbon fusion, seizure and corrosion even at high temperatures.
  • Keeps parts safe from damage brought about by salt water, steam, alkaline solutions, iodized water and road salt.
  • Also protects parts from acid vapors and sprays chemicals may generate.
  • Parts last longer and suffer a minimal amount of wear and tear.
  • Facilitates speedier disassembly whenever repairs need to be done.
  • Different lubricants & paints no longer necessary to help protect different machine parts.