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24/Seven® Family Mats

24/Seven® Family Mats

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Works 24/7 to keep employees comfortable.

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Product Features

  • Perfect for single workstations, the 3' x 3' mats also interlock on all four sides to cover large areas.
  • 5/8"-thick construction is perfect for facilities with multiple shifts.
  • Optional Yellow borders, (sold separately), provide safe access.
  • Available in a solid or open-drainage design:
  1. Solid - for general purpose applications and ease of maintenance.
  2. Drainage - large holes allow fluids and debris to flow through freely. 100% Nitrile or general purpose rubber.

How to choose what mat is best for youGeneral Purpose - Natural Rubber, use in areas with water and debris. 54% Post Industrial Recycled MaterialNitrile - Use in areas with petrochemicals such as Hydrocarbons, Naphthenes, Paraffins and Petroleum distillates.

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