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G2® Grease Guard® Unit

G2® Grease Guard® Unit

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Grease Guard® unit protects roof from grease and other manufacturing-induced spills.

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Product Features

  • G2® Grease Guard® rooftop defense system can absorb harmful grease and other discharge from manufacturing processes.
  • Guarantees effective grease trap and containment.
  • Prevents accumulation of heavy grease and oil on rooftops, cracks, and crevices of motor blades in your generators or air conditioning units to effectively minimize hazards.
  • Saves you money from expensive repairs and protects your building and occupants from fire hazards while staying compliant with OSHA, NFPA, and EPA regulations.
  • Also prevents illegal storm drain pollution with its durable filter systems that stops oil and grease while allowing rainwater to easily pass through.
  • Complies with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used in conjunction with the Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.
  • Features the following:Flashing Corner that acts as a protectant and deflects all effluents directly into the filter itself.Sturdy Fiberglass Filter Hold Down Poles & Stabilizers to safely and effectively secure the unit in place.Made of Anodized Aluminum Frame (6063T-5) that complies with ASTM B-221.Grease Deflecting Flashing, constructed from 22-gauge galvanized steel.Barrier Layer, made from a closed-cell polymeric blend that provides a leak-proof barrier.Bottom Layer which features an airflow layer constructed from an open cross- section polymer, which supports the absorption and security layers while allowing air to circulate throughout the entire filter system.Advanced Filter Composite.Molded Quick-Corners to provide fast and efficient joining of the anodized aluminum frame.Top Pre-Filter consists of an open cross section polymer that is self-extinguishing and non-combustible and allows easy pass-through.Transfer Layer, made of polyolefin fiber, transfers heavy oil-based fluids to the absorption layers, repels water, and protects the inner layers from UV damaging sun rays.Advanced Filter Composite made up of an engineered open-cell polyolefin fabric with over 50 layers of absorption microfibers wick that effectively contains grease based fluid up to a capacity of 39 fluid.Fire Shield, a fire-proof barrier that protects your manufacturing facility from potential exhaust fire hazards.
  • Standard and Heavy-Duty units available.
  • Standard units are recommended for food service; Heavy-Duty units are perfect for tough industrial environments.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes to suit specific requirements: 5-1/2'w x 5-1/2'l, 5-1/2'w x 8-1/4'l, 8-1/4'w x 8-1/4'l, 5-1/2'w x 11'l, 8-1/4'w x 11'l, 11'w x 11'l, and 11'w x 13-3/4'l.
  • Sold per piece.