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MCR Safety Dipped PVC Gloves

MCR Safety Dipped PVC Gloves

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Superior hand protection against chemicals, solvents and oils.

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Product Features

  • Dipped PVC gloves designed to lend strong hand protection against chemicals, solvents, strong acids, and oils.
  • Chemical-resistant gloves are lined with either Jersey or Interlock Knit to maximize dexterity and wearer’s comfort.
  • With Actifresh® treatment to eliminate germs and prevent the onset of odors by stopping bacterial buildup.
  • Available in Black color, Large size.
  • Smooth and Sandy finish options available.
  • Gauntlet cuff style allows for easy wearing and secure fit.
  • Choose between premium-grade Double-Dipped gloves and industrial-grade Single-Dipped gloves.

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