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American Lock® Aluminum Safety Padlocks

American Lock® Aluminum Safety Padlocks

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Create a color-coding lockout system with aluminum safety padlocks.

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Product Features

  • American padlock allows you to assign a color to each worker or department for easy lockout recognition.
  • Aluminum safety padlocks come in a variety of colors for different identification and labeling applications.
  • Lightweight safety lockout padlocks are durable.
  • Alloy steel padlock shackles are case hardened and virtually impossible to pry or saw off.
  • American lock padlock comes in different keying options and shackle lengths.
  • Padlock body is corrosion-resistant with an anodized finish that can withstand high temperature and most environments indoors and outdoors.
  • OSHA regulations require locks for lockout programs to be of similar shape, size or color all throughout the facility.