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ANSI Warning Labels - Warning Pinch Point

ANSI Warning Labels - Warning Pinch Point

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Tag pinch point areas with durable ANSI warning labels.

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Product Features

  • Quality pinch point safety labels warn workers of hazardous pinch point areas to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • ANSI Z535.2-2011 compliant labels are designed with universal symbols that are easily recognized and understood.
  • Made from Vinyl material with Standard Self-Adhesive or Super-Stik Adhesive that sticks in seconds with no need to clean surface before applying.
  • Select from these available sizes: 3-1/2"h x 7"w and 2"h x 4"w.
  • ANSI warning labels read "WARNING PINCH POINT. KEEP HANDS CLEAR DURING OPERATION." with graphic.