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SDS Right-To-Know Metal Cabinet Kit

SDS Right-To-Know Metal Cabinet Kit

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Durable right-to-know metal cabinets allow you to safely store SDS information on any wall.

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Product Features

  • Keep Safety Data Sheets organized and in one place with Right-To-Know center.
  • Mounts easily to a wall to create a handy desktop and reading surface.
  • MSDS Cabinet measures 11-1/2"h x 26-1/2"w x 5"d.
  • Choose from MSDS Cabinets that hold two 2” binders with up to 400 pages each, two 3” binders up to 600 pages each or an unfilled metal right-to-know cabinet.
  • Comply with HCS/GHS 2012.
  • MSDS cabinets are great for indoor or outdoor storage.