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Reflective Rubber Speed Bump - Stripes

Reflective Rubber Speed Bump - Stripes

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Recycled reflective rubber speed bumps conform to irregualr road surfaces and are highly visible to traffic.

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Product Features

  • Reflective rubber speed bumps have black and yellow stripes to stand out against the dark pavement.
  • Feature built-in reflectors that can be seen day or night.
  • Available in 4 ft. or 6 ft., with 2 different mounting options.
  • Rubber speed bumps conform to irregular road surface, guaranteed not to crack.
  • Designed with channeled bottom to fit over cables and hoses.
  • Light enough to be transported and installed quickly by one person.
  • 12"w x 2-1/2"h bump slows vehicles to 5 - 10mph.