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Yield Traffic Signs

Yield Traffic Signs

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Yield signs are ideal when a full stop of traffic is determined to be unnecessarily restrictive. Traffic engineers utilize yield signs to implement a safe yet less restrained traffic management control at an intersection.

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Do You Need MUTCD Compliance?
For municipal roadways/highways that fall under the governance of the Federal Highway Administration, you must meet the minimum FHWA R1-2 and MUTCD standards. These Standards require a 30"H x 30"W sign size as the minimum requirement and a 36"H x 36"W sign size minimum for conventional roads (not 24" as some might recommend). To meet MUTCD reflectivity requirements, we recommend the use of Diamond Grade or High-Intensity reflective material.

Size, Material and Reflectivity
For public use roadways/highways and to comply with MUTCD, you will need a 30"H x 30"W or 36"H x 36"W Yield Sign. Our smaller sizes of 18"H x 18"W or 24"H x 24"W are suitable for in-plant/faculties use, private roads and parking lots (and where distractions are limited and traffic is light).

Aluminum is our recommended material as it is lightweight, durable, and will not rust. It is the most common material used in roadways and parking lots.

We have 3 Reflectivity options: Engineering Grade, High Intensity, and Diamond Grade. We strongly recommend the use of High Intensity and Diamond Grade for roadways and highways for maximum visibility and for private roads with numerous distractions. The use of Engineer Grade is recommended for non-critical street, in-plant facilities and low volume parking areas.

Why not laminate?

Our exclusive Duroshield Topcoat option offers a lifetime guarantee. It’s the best defense against fading, graffiti, and chemicals. So for a few dollars more, why won’t you?

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