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Sprinkler Valve Marking

Fire sprinkler valve markers and tags make it easy to identify sprinkler controls for emergency use or maintenance. Emedco's selection of fire sprinkler valve markers eliminate misuse, accidental operation and confusion. Our fire sprinkler valve markers come in a variety of sizes and formats.

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    Help people find fire sprinkler and emergency shut-off valves faster with the help of valve marking and identification products from Emedco.
    Our wide assortment of Sprinkler Valve Marking and Identification tags help identify valves, fire protection lines and sprinkler system alarms in your facility. These valve identifying products help shorten shutdown response time in case of emergencies which can inevitably save lives.
    Choose from our many identification product offerings that come with wordings like GAS SHUT-OFF, DRAIN VALVE, STANDPIPE, and many more. We also carry sprinkler valve markers that meet OSHA and National Board of Fire Underwriters Standard No. 13 regulations.