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Glow in the Dark Tape

Ensure maximum visibility in dim environments with Emedco’s top-quality glow in the dark tapes!


Installing glow tapes in your facility is a smart investment as they are cost-effective (don’t require electricity) and maintenance-free. Most importantly, a glow tape provides safety. In the event of an emergency or power outage, your glow in the dark tape will provide your employees and visitors clear and visible directions to lead them to safe grounds.


Include glow in the dark tapes in your safety guidance system. Emedco’s wide variety of glow tapes include glow in the dark arrows, glow in the dark message tapes, and more! Check them out now.

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Mark off emergency areas in your facility with Emedco’s ASTM-compliant glow in the dark tapes! Our reflective and luminous tapes make sure everyone exits safe and sound, especially in places where light is dim or out.


Let glow in the dark tapes take your emergency exit planning to another level of safety. They are important in evacuation as these tapes clearly mark direction even in the dark, without compromising time. With safety in mind, make sure your exit messages stand out. Emedco can help you with that! Our glow in the dark tapes are not only effective, they are also designed to eliminate ongoing maintenance, replacement and energy costs!


Glow in the Dark Tapes and Markers - Place glow in the dark tape and markers on exit routes, stairwells, handrails, and doorways to provide maximum visibility. Our selection of glow tapes and markers include Reflective/Glow Tape, Glow In The Dark Red Striped Tape, Glow In Dark Black Arrow Tape, and more!


Glow in the Dark Standard Grit Tapes and Strips - In the event of a power failure and heavy traffic, trust Emedco’s glow in the dark grit tapes and strips to do the job. Direct your workers to safety while preventing tripping hazards with our Glow Anti-Slip Grit Tape, Glow Square Anti-Slip Grit Tape, Glow In Dark Fire Extinguisher Tape and more!


For your facility’s effective emergency exit planning, trust Emedco’s glow in the dark tapes to provide fast and clear directions! Our glow tapes come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs!