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Fluorescent Floor Safety Cones

Fluorescent safety cones are constructed from rugged plastic to avoid chipping or cracking. Fluorescent cones offer maximum visibility in dim environments. Safety cones feature a wide base for stability that resists tipping and rolling.

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    Emedco has an extensive line of_Fluorescent Floor Safety Cones_for this purpose. Products like the_TriVu® 3-Sided Do Not Enter_and the TriVu® 3-Sided STOP Safety Cone come in fluorescent yellow and green. These cones come in a 3-sided design ideal for providing maximum visibility from all angles. These flourescent safety products can even be seen from a distance of 35 ft. and may come with or without printed warnings.
    Also available from Emedco, fluorescent safety cone signs and base weights to complement your_high-visibility safety cones.