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Chemical Hazard and Biohazard Tags

Hang chemical tags and biohazard tags where labels won't work. Choose from NFPA tags, chemical hazard tags, hazardous material tags, and biohazard tags.

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  1. Plastic(10)
  2. Cardstock(8)
  3. Self-Laminating Plastic(2)
  1. 2-1/2" H X 2" W(1)
  2. 5-3/4" H X 3-3/8" W(7)
  3. 6.25" H X 3.125" W(3)
  4. 6" H X 3-1/2" W(1)
  5. 6-1/4" H X 3-1/8" W(4)
  6. 7-1/2" H X 4" W(1)
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  1. Black / Blue / Red / Yellow On White(5)
  2. Black On Yellow(4)
  3. Black / Red On White(2)
  4. Black On Green(2)
  5. Black / Red On Yellow(1)
  6. Black On White(1)
  7. Black On Red(1)
  8. Black On Fluorescent Orange(1)
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    Emedco Chemical Hazard and Biohazard tags come in a variety of options_including: NFPA tags, hazardous materials tags, bio hazard tags and infections waste tags. They are manufactured in plastic, tyvek or self-laminating plastic._

    If you don't see exactly what you need, be sure to check out our blank and_custom tags_where you can create your own personalized message.