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Lockout Tags

Prevent lockout and electrical accidents with an effective labeling system! Emedco has all the important, OSHA-compliant tags you need for an accident-free facility.

Lockout tags

are an important part of your workplace lockout/tagout safety program. They prevent workers and visitors from opening specific machinery and other equipment that should not be touched. Emedco offers lock out tags in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of every facility. Our tags are made from high-quality plastic, metal, and paper. You will also find cardstock and Tyvek tags in our site.

Take a pick from the following selection of lockout tags and make your workplace a lot safer:

Standard Lock-Out Tags are OSHA-compliant and ideal for marking hazards in any facility.
Photo Lock-Out Tags feature your employee’s photo for extra security during lockout.
Specialty Tags have additional features that suit certain facilities, such as perforations, side holes, and magnetic properties.
Key Tags provide quick identification of matching padlock and key.

Common stock wordings include Danger, Do Not Remove, Lockout Out, Locked Out By, Do Not Touch, and Do Not Operate. Bilingual tags are available as well for those facilities with a multi-lingual workforce. With so many tags in stock, you are sure to find what you need here, and if you can’t find it, customize it! Our user-friendly Do-Your-Own application lets you design your own tag, so chances are you won’t leave Emedco.com empty-handed!