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Traffic Signs

Use traffic signs to provide safety messages and direction on your roadways and parking lots. 

Ensure your workers are aware of the rules and hazards of the road with clear and easy-to-spot traffic signage. Choose the best traffic and parking signs for your workplace with Emedco’s large selection of stop signs, directional signs, pedestrian crossing signs, speed limit signs, parking lot traffic signs and more. All of our road signs are available in three materials: steel, aluminum, and polyethylene. 

If you want to protect your sign from fading upgrade now to Duroshield topcoat. It’s UV-guarded, graffiti-resistant and the best part is -- it’s guaranteed for life! Keep traffic flowing smoothly at work, get a quality made traffic sign only here at Emedco.

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If you are looking for

durable traffic signs

, you’ve come to the right place. From stop and yield signs to warning and safety reminders  -- we have it all here! 

Stop & Yield Signs – Use this to safely organize and regulate traffic in your street and parking lots. We also have eye-catching Stop Sign Paddles to help your traffic controllers manage traffic flow. 
Directional Signs – Efficiently provide and organize direction in your facility grounds. 
Pedestrian Crossing Signs – Alert motorists of pedestrian traffic, bikes crossing, children at play and more. 
Speed Limit Signs – Ideal for regulating the speed limit on your roadways. Choose from MUTCD standard speed limit signs such as 5mph, 10mph, 15mph, 20mph or choose one that best fits your needs. 
Parking Lot Traffic Signs – Use these signs to take out the confusion and provide specific directions on your parking lots.
Warning & Safety Reminders – Help drivers be aware of what’s ahead with warning and safety reminders featuring sign legends such as speed bump ahead, buckle up, detour, and more. 
Street Signs – Eliminate confusion for your visitors and employees with MUTCD compliant street signs to provide specific directions on your grounds. Street signs are available in full kits, sign assemblies or as signs only.

Ensure road safety in and around your facility, shop here at Emedco for top quality traffic signs today.