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Slipping and Tripping Signs

Loss of balance from tripping or slipping is the number one cause of falling injuries in the workplace. Don't let that happen to your workers by using tripping signs in risky areas of your facility.

Prevent such unfortunate accidents and more minor workplace hazards by taking advantage of Emedco's substantial selection of slipping signs, awareness-boosting posters, and friendly safety reminders. Such items are proven to improve workplace safety with a minimum of hassle and expense.

As the industry leader in safety and security solutions, Emedco ensures your satisfaction with everything from simple Watch Your Step signs to whatever your needs may be. Don't trip up your safety preparations and choose our 24-hour shipping guarantee.

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The greatest injuries and blows to your facility's and workers' productivity can come from the most humble places. Don't take a fall on these minor nuisances by using Emedco's diverse selection of tripping signs to augment your comprehensive safety policy. Tripping signs should be used wherever there's a chance a worker might lose their footing due to unstable conditions, height, loose objects or chemicals.

Emedco's range of tripping signs covers a wide variety of situations and standard. For full regulatory compliance try employing an ANSI-compliant Handrail Use Sign in the stairwell.

When floor cleaning crews are active or spills are common in a work area, don't forget to have a ready supply of Slippery When Wet Signs available for deployment. Don't let your employees and visitors walk through a busy site without an appropriate tripping sign to keep them on their toes.

Don't just limit yourself to obvious slipping signs, either. Consider cutting down on rowdy or reckless behavior (which can lead to falls) by reminding personnel of proper behavior in active work sites. Slipping signs promoting walking over running, proper orientation when descending stairs (ideal for ships or tight factory floors), and reminders to clean spills are all available and useful for your facility. Make the right choice for safety, and choose Emedco, the industry leader in providing sign, safety, and security solutions!