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First Aid, Eyewash & Biohazard Signs

Every minute counts during an emergency. Post first aid signs to enable quicker emergency response in your facility.  

First aid signs can quickly draw attention to treatment areas in case of an emergency or identify disposal areas for hazardous waste. We offer different types of first aid, AED, biohazard, and eyewash signs to help reduce the chance of serious injury or accidents on the job. These include three-sided hanging signs, mountable signs, and heavy-duty signs that are appropriate in all types of applications. Looking for OSHA-compliant first aid and emergency eyewash signs? We also got those in stock for you. 

First aid, eyewash, and biohazard signs are products that help make your workplace safer for all employees. Stock up now here at Emedco.com!

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Emedco has the largest selection of biohazard,  eyewash, and first aid signs to keep you compliant with OSHA.  
Prevention is better than cure, but when things go down the drain, you better be ready to handle things the hard way. You cannot always protect your employees from injuries and accidents. That’s why aside from accident prevention, OSHA also issues regulations for emergency situations. These regulations require business owners to have eyewash stations, defibrillators, emergency showers, and first aid kits among others in their facility. These emergency response products should be accessible, visible, and more importantly, marked by OSHA-compliant signs. Some popular examples of such signs are the First Aid Kit Inside sign and the AED sign.

Emedco carries eyewash, biohazard, and first aid signs you can use to promote safety throughout the workplace and remain in compliance with OSHA, ANSI, and other safety regulations. Choose from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, and steel. Different reflectivity options are available as well, and we even have glow-in-the-dark signs! Our signs come in different stock wordings, such as EMERGENCY EYEWASH KEEP AREA CLEAR, and FIRST AID KIT INSIDE. We also have bilingual signs for facilities with multilingual workforce. Don't see what you need? Check out our customizable signs! Our Design-Your-Own application will let you create your own first aid sign exactly the way you want it.  

Make employee health and safety your priority! Everything you need to do so is here at Emedco.