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Exit, Fire and Emergency Signs

A functional exit route is well-lit and properly marked. Make sure that yours does its job when emergency strikes by posting visible exit signs, emergency signs, and fire exit signs from Emedco.

Click here to download a free copy of our Exit and Evacuation Audit Checklist.  This checklist guides a safety manager through an audit of their facility to check for compliance with typical OSHA and NFPA requirements.

As mandated by OSHA, a building should have at least two exit routes to be considered safe. These routes should be indicated by OSHA-approved signs for exit and evacuation. With Emedco’s wide range of signs, you can stay compliant with OSHA, NFPA, ADA, UL and local building codes and regulations. Choose from our electrical exit signs, stairwell signs, photoluminescent signs, reflective signs, and many more. Plus, our glow-in-the-dark exit and fire signs will not leave your workers in the dark when the power goes out. With our complete sign selection, you can create a complete fire and exit sign system to guide your employees and visitors to safety when an emergency situation arrives.

If you can’t find the exact sign you need, you can simply create it with Emedco’s Do-Your-Own application! Choose the material, color, and style, and add your own wording. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need for your business.

Aside from visible exit signs, OSHA also requires each exit route to be adequately lighted so that employees with normal vision can see along the route. Check out Emedco's emergency lighting solutions to ensure your building is safe and compliant.