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Activity Prohibition, Rules, Advisory Signs

Standard grade activity prohibition signs keep your facility safe and free from dangerous behavior. Activity prohibition signs clearly state rules and regulations with bold graphics on a durable, chip resistant surface. Choose from over 40 sign legends including danger signs and notice signs. Every Activity Prohibition sign is available in 6 materials: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Foam Adhesive, Adhesive Vinyl, Magnetic. Reflective or Non-Reflective and in 3 sizes: 7 x 10, 10 x 14, 14 x 20. Lifetime Guarantee available with optional Duroshield Topcoat.

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    Standard grade activity prohibition signs are what you need when you want to remind individuals of your facility's behavioral policies.
    Emedco offers a wide selection of activity prohibition signs. These come in a variety of sign legends which include No Firearms Or Weapons Allowed, Notice Cell Phones Or Electronic Devices Must Be Turned Off and Notice No Glass Containers Allowed In Pool Area, to name a few.
    Use these advisory signs in industrial facilities, parks, gyms, playgrounds and other places where safety and security is desired.