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Door, Key, Locker Search Rules and Policy Signs

Door, Key Control and Locker Search signs warn and inform employees in a bold and professional way your facilities indoor control policies. Get your message out throughout your location with bold graphics and custom wording. Choose from four sizes: 3x10, 5x7, 4x10 or 7x10. Fast Shipping- in stock products ship the same day! Make Emedco your One-Stop Safety Source.

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    Doors, keys and lockers in your facility can be a source of security problems if not properly controlled. With the help of Door/Key/Locker Search Rules and Policy signs, you can institute a search program to help keep your establishment safe.
    Installing door, key control and locker search signs in and around your facility, reminds your personnel of your company's indoor control policies. These search policy signs also help prevent potential security problems from occurring. Emedco carries a number of company policy signs that convey this message. Included in the list of such signs are Locker May Be Searched signs, Please Report Employee Theft signs and Key Control In Effect signs, to name a few.
    Emedco's door, key control and locker search signs are designed to be tamper-proof and easy to clean, allowing for a longer service life.