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Retractable Tape Barriers

Retractable tape barriers redirect vehicle and pedestrian traffic away from unsafe or unauthorized areas. Retractable tape barriers are ideal in places that require frequent blocking and unblocking. Retractable tape barriers can be easily moved to block off restricted areas and are offered in a wide variety of styles including indoor, outdoor, security, and wall mount. We carry retractable tape barriers from companies such as Tensabarrier® and Beltrac®. Rely on Emedco's retractable tape barriers to control crowds and keep people safe.

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  6. High-Density Polyethylene(2)
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  1. 2" W X 15' L(2)
  2. 5-1/2" H X 3-1/2" L(2)
  3. 6" W X 7-1/2' L(1)
  4. 7' L(3)
  5. 24' L(1)
  6. 40" H X 7.50 FT" L(1)
  7. 40" H(2)
  8. 40" H X 2" W X 14" Dia X 10' L(12)
  9. 40" H X 7.50' L(2)
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  8. Black On Yellow(7)
  9. White On Red(5)
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  11. Black / Red / White(2)
  12. Black / Red(2)
  13. White On Black(2)
  14. Orange(1)
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  19. Reflective(1)
  20. Fluorescent Orange(1)
  21. Blue(1)
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    Rertractable belt barriers are a great way to effectively control pedestrian traffic in or around your facility.

    Retractable belt barriers, such as those from Beltrac® and Tensabarrier®, can help you direct traffic and also prevent traffic in unwanted areas. We carry wall-mount belt barriers that can be easily attached to walls as needed for a permanent traffic control solution. We also have stanchion-style belt barriers that can be moved around your facility as needed and connected to make barriers of all different sizes.

    Our retractable belt barriers come in a variety of colors and wordings in both indoor and outdoor styles, so you can choose a retractable belt barrier that's best for you.?