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Aluminum Labels and Plates

Aluminum labels and plates are a durable and efficient way to track property and identify assets. Adhere aluminum labels and plates to office equipment, computers, inventory, furniture, tools and more. Aluminum labels and plates deter theft and help you access your valuables. Asset id labels come numbered or unnumbered; with bar-code or without; in many colors and sizes to meet any labeling need. Asset id labels also come custom; add your own wording or logo for even greater security.

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  1. Aluminum(19)
  2. Polyester(4)
  3. Vinyl(3)
  4. Destructible Vinyl(3)
  1. 1-1/4" H X 2" W(1)
  2. 1-3/8" H X 3-1/8" W(1)
  3. 2-3/4" H X 3-1/8" W(1)
  4. 2" H X 4" W(1)
  5. 2-3/4" H X 1-3/8" W(1)
  6. 3/4" H X Y694808" W(1)
  7. 3/4" H X 1-1/2" W(15)
  8. 3/4" H X 2" W(6)
  9. 4-3/4" H X 2-3/8" W(1)
  10. 4-1/4" H X 2-1/8" W(1)
  11. 5" H X 3" W(1)
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  1. Black On Silver(11)
  2. Blue On Silver(11)
  3. Black / Blue On Silver(10)
  4. Burgundy On Silver(6)
  5. Burnt Orange On Silver(6)
  6. Black / Burgundy On Silver(5)
  7. Black / Burnt Orange On Silver(5)
  8. Orange(3)
  9. Burgundy(3)
  10. Blue(3)
  11. Black(3)
  12. Red On Silver(2)
  13. Black / Red On Silver(2)
  14. Silver On Red(1)
  15. Silver On Blue(1)
  16. Silver(1)
  17. Black On White(1)
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    ID Tags are invaluable items when it comes to tracking and identifying all types of equipment in your warehouse, office, or anywhere around your building or workplace. Property Tags are attached to equipment to identify to workers and visitors that that particular piece of equipment belongs to your business. ID Labels are effective in deterring theft and damage.

    Don't see what you need? Emedco also sells fully customizable asset ID labels and tags. Create your own using our design your own online application. ?