Eco-Friendly Spill Control Products

State-of-the-art technology uses recycled fibers to save you money and preserve the environment when you use these eco-friendly spill control products! Eco-friendly spill control offer higher quality and more absorbency over polypropylene sorbents. Fast shipping- in stock products ship same day. Make Emedco your One-Stop Safety Source- Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

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    Are you green? Environmentially conscious that is?


    If so, look no further, Emedco carries a large selection of environemtnall-friendly sorbents, to help easily cleanup and also to prevent spills in your workplace, which also savign the environemtn, one pad at a time.


    Various Eco-friendly Spill Sorbents include:

    Spill Pillows, Track Mats, Universal absorbent socks, perforated pads and sorbent rollsspi as well as slip-resistant pads & rolls.


    All sorbents for spills come in a variety of configurations such as sorbent rolls, sorbent pads, mat sorbents, sorbent spill pillows and socks.

    No matter what spill prevention product you need, Emedco has you covered.