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Hard Hats & Bump Caps

Hard hats & bump caps are the first line of defense against falling objects in a jobsite. OSHA for its part requires hard hats be worn whenever there is a danger of head injury to personnel. We offer a large selection of safety hard hats designed not only to protect your workers, but also to help you stay compliant with safety standards, including Bullard hard hats, 3M and much more.

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    While hard hats do protect against impact, there are also hard hats that can protect against electric shock and burns. Safety hard hats should meet the safety standard ANSI Z89.2-1971 before being suitable as protection against shock.Bump caps, on the otherhand, are protective headgear that is designed to be worn in areas with low head clearance. This type of headgear protects against – you guessed it – head bumps as well as lacerations. Bump caps are not an alternative to safety hard hats as these are not designed to protect against flying or falling objects and as such, are not ANSI approved.