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Hard Hat Accessories

Emedco's range of hard hat accessories include equipment designed to enhance comfort, replacement parts as well as items designed to motivate your workers to be careful when working. We carry snap-on sweatbands for hard hats, made from super absorbent cotton terry cloth, ideal for keeping your workers' brows dry and comfortable. Our replacement hard hat suspension ensures your protective headgear is working optimally. We also carry hard hat stickers, ideal for motivating your workers, or for acknowledging safety training.

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    Individual components of head protection equipment can, like most other protective equipment, wear out in time. For this reason, you should regularly check your hard hats to see if any hard hat accessory needs replacement. A hard hat suspension is one of the components that’s prone to wear. If you determine that this part of no longer provides a proper fit, these should be replaced immediately.However, hard hat accessories are not just limited to replacement parts. Some types of accessories can help enhance comfort, like snap-on sweatbands. Finally, if you want to motivate your workers or recognize those who’ve had safety training, hard hat stickers are the right accessory for the job.