Welding Protection Equipment

Welding Protection expanded line includes: Welding Helmets, Goggles, Welding Gloves, Aprons, Protective Sleeves, Cool Pads, Protective Flame Retardant Jackets and much more! Protect your welding employees from injury while working with hot metal and flying sparks. Emedco- Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

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Welding can be dangerous. Keep employees protected from sparks and flames with welding safety equipment. With products like welder's gloves, welding helmets, safety glasses and welding goggles we have everything you need to protect welders from injuries and accidents.

We also sell larger welding safety equipment, including leather bib aprons, flame retardant jackets, welding sleeves, leather chaps, welding leg aprons, welding curtains and more to protect larger areas of your body.

We have all of the welding safety products you need!