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Cylinder Safety Signs

Ensure safe cylinder storage and handling with cylinder safety signs. Cylinder signs communicate cylinder status, storage instructions and hazards to prevent accidents and injuries. Heavy-duty cylinder status signs are long-lasting and offered in a variety of legends, materials and sizes to fit your company's needs.

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  1. Aluminum(30)
  2. Plastic(30)
  3. Magnetic(30)
  4. Vinyl(30)
  5. Foam Adhesive(3)
  6. Steel(3)
  7. Paper(2)
  8. High Density Polypropylene(2)
  9. Recycled Film(2)
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  1. 7" H X 10" W(13)
  2. 10" H X 14" W(13)
  3. 10" H X 7" W(19)
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  6. 20" H X 14" W(20)
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  1. Black / Red On White(9)
  2. Black / Blue On White(8)
  3. Black On Yellow(5)
  4. White On Green(5)
  5. White On Red(4)
  6. Red On White(1)
  7. Black / White On Blue(1)
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  9. Black / Orange On White(1)
  10. Blue On White(1)
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    For facilities that handle and use hazardous gases in cylinders, proper safety practices are a must. Certain gases are flammable and explosive, making these dangerous to have around.
    People in your facility should be aware of the dangers these substances present. One way to inform people of the hazards of storing and having these gases in cylinders nearby is to put up Cylinder Safety Signs.
    Emedco carries a wide selection of cylinder safety signs for your needs. All of our Cylinder Signs meet workplace safety regulations and help keep people safe with the use of pertinent information. We have Empty Cylinder signs, No Smoking signs to warn people not to smoke near cylinder holding areas and Bilingual Cylinder signs, to name a few.