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Right-to-Know Tags

Right-to-know tags provide life-saving, on-the-spot warnings for employees working with chemicals. Right-to-know tags can be permanently attached to greasy or dirty containers wherever self-adhesive labels won't hold. Emedco offers right-to-know tags in a variety of formats.

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    Attach a Right-to-Know Hazard Communication Tag from Emedco to your chemical containers to help ensure that employees will always have information on-hand.
    These Right-to-Know tags are printed with either the NFPA Diamond or Security Bars that describe how hazardous the substance in the container is.
    The tags may also contain the name of the chemical and the MSDS number _for that specific chemical. These chemical_safety tags are also easily attached with the use of nylon tag fasteners, which are also available at Emedco.