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Instructional Eyewash Stations

Ensure your employees are using eyewash stations to gain the most relief with Emedco's variety of instructional eyewash units. Instructional eyewash units use concentrated, yet gentle streams of solution or water to calm burning eyes. Instructional eyewash units are a great way to teach employees how to properly use an eyewash station in case of an emergency.

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    Make learning how to wash out your eyes properly easy for your workers with these instructional emergency eyewash stations.
    Instructional emergency eyewash stations have printed-on directions for eyewashing posted on them for users to follow. This does not mean that you should not teach your workers how to use these eyewash stations though. Employers still need to train their employees regarding what to do during such emergencies. These eyewash units, available from Emedco, are only meant as supplements or learning aides after training.
    Directions on these instructional eyewash units are also available in English or Spanish to help all employees understand the directions easily. Replacement bottles of eyewash solution are sold separately also at Emedco.